2019 Maserati Alfieri

Because the idea of the Maserati Alfieri was very first revealed back in 2014 at the Geneva Auto Show, the fans have been excitedly waiting on the production model and all those developments that this Italian luxury carmaker has actually prepared. According to the info we have actually got, it has been just recently confirmed that we need to expect a new 2019 Maserati Alfieri model that will look like a plug-in hybrid prior to the year 2020 when the Alfieri is planned to be all-electric.

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2019 Maserati Alfieri Exterior

As far as our team has actually been informed, the 2019 Alfieri needs to be available in two setups– as a sports coupe with a hardtop and a convertible. It has been speculated that the coupe variation will most likely be the first to hit the market. However, it hasn’t been validated yet whether the new Alfieri is getting a brand-new platform or just a customized one. The new platform will most likely be discovered on that all-electric model after 2019. When it concerns exterior features of the new Alfieri, this principle car has actually shown an actually long and lowered hood and a short rear end. Plainly, the Alfieri will be a truly race-inspired and aerodynamic sports car. It has actually also been said that the carmaker will utilize lots of light-weight aluminum in its chassis building, so the minimized weight will just improve the velocity, efficiency and overall performance. For that reason, you can expect the new Alfieri to be larger than, for instance, Porsche 911, however lighter than the popular GranTurismo. The fans will most likely love its powerful deep grille that appears like drifting. All in all, the new Alfieri looks ingenious and a bit aggressive with its styling that guarantees some excellent outputs.

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2019 Maserati Alfieri Interior

Based upon the concept of the 2019 Maserati Alfieri, we have actually seen that this attractive model will look like a two-seater. Little has actually been known about the interior of the new Alfieri, however one thing is for sure– the carmaker will rather pay attention to overall convenience and high-end than to its technology and other details. It will utilize some premium products such as leather and aluminum. Inside the new Alfieri, you can anticipate a basic, advanced and modern cabin.

2019 Maserati Alfieri Engine

As we have actually currently pointed out in the intro, the 2019 Alfieri will most likely the last plug-in hybrid prior to it ends up being all-electric. When it pertains to its fuel engine, the Alfieri principle has actually been presented with a 4.7-liter naturally-aspirated V8, however it appears that the production model may actually come with a 3.0-liter Ferrari-built twin-turbo, mated to a manual transmission. It ought to be able to deliver either 350 or 450 horsepower, however we hope for more main numbers and info quickly.

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2019 Maserati Alfieri Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2019 Alfieri is quite a mystery at the minute, but the Hardtop variation must most likely make its debut in 2018 while the Convertible might be revealed next year. The price of the Alfieri must start around $61,000.