2019 Toyota Auris

The Toyota Auris, likewise referred to as the Corolla iM in the United States, has had a strong run, as has even been hailed as the first mass-produced Toyota to offer hybrid drive in Europe. Now, for the 2019 model year, Toyota introduces the third-gen Auris and an entire new line up of powertrains to go with it. It features a stylish new look on the outside, following Toyota’s new style language, and taking the shape of a proper hatchback rather than that old, mini-wagon look. On the other hand, the interior remains a complete secret however that’s the name of the video game, right?

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2019 Toyota Auris Exterior

The 2019 Toyota Auris is a huge departure from the second-gen model. Toyota should have taken the old, wagon-line model and threw it out of a 10-story window. With that old beater out of the method, Toyota’s engineers might create this smooth, trendy hatchback. Up front, there are hints obtained from the new Toyota Camry, as you’ll see with the much-larger grille in advance. That hovering lower lip and those tiny, round fog lights are a good touch too. And, somehow, Toyota handled to make those long headlights look really good– it’s the LED style inside the lights that make them stand apart. Furthermore, the 3D look up front is simply appealing and is a substantial aggressor against anything in this specific niche.

The A-pillars and windscreen are long, which permits a somewhat curved roofing system and a relatively longer front end. The beltline in fact sits sort of high, which makes for smaller sized side glass however that upper body line that gets gradually higher from front to rear is an actually nice accent. On the other hand, around back, the Auris almost reminds me of the old Megane, in that it’s got a little bit of a bubble butt. Where Toyota did things right, nevertheless, are the body lines that twist around the rear quarters. Not to mention the method the rear wheel wells appear to sit lower in the rear than in the front.

The rear taillights mimic the headlights in style however with a flatter appearance and the rear fascia looks nearly like a cutout from the 2018 Camry, with a pair of reflectors in the corners. It’s a very appealing package all the way around, and due to the fact that it’s a hybrid, Toyota was able to integrate those charming little exhaust outlets in the corners.

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The 2019 Auris is actually a little bit bigger. Toyota increased its length by 40mm (1.57 inches.) All of that extra length enters into the wheelbase, providing the car a longer, sportier appearance and dropping the wagon-like look. The roofing also sits 25mm (0.98 inches) while the cowl height has been come by 47mm (1.85 inches.).

2019 Toyota Auris Interior

As of now, the interior of the new Auris is a complete mystery. Toyota hasn’t said a word about it and refused to let us look inside while it was on display at the Geneva Auto Show. In reality, Toyota was so anal about keeping the interior a secret that the windows were even dark tinted to prevent and slip peaks. The possibilities are that Toyota will model the interior after that of the new Camry. It’s not actually all that far off from the driver-focus style we expect for the Auris, and the general design would make a really good follower to the interior of the outgoing Auris. In the meantime, nevertheless, take it all with a grain of salt as that might or might not take place. In either case, Toyota will not dissatisfy in this regard.

2019 Toyota Auris Engine

Toyota is actually pushing its hybrid drivetrains with the new Auris and has decided to drop the handful of engines it provides in the Auris previously. As such, the 2019 Auris is only offered with one traditional engine or two various hybrid powertrains.

The Toyota Auris is in fact used with the option of 3 different engines. One the standard, non-hybrid front, there’s a 1.2-liter mill. On the hybrid front, there’s a 1.8-liter engine or a 2.0-liter with a little bit more power. Toyota has yet to divulge what the conventional, 1.2-liter gas engine produces, but the 1.8-liter hybrid mill provides 120 horsepower while the 2.0-liter hybrid mill will provide some 177 horse power.

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2019 Toyota Auris Price

Toyota has yet to announce pricing for the 2019 Toyota Auris, however you can anticipate it to run anywhere between EUR15,000 and EUR25,000 throughout Europe. Here in the United States, that computes to anywhere between $18,000 and $30,000.